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Aerial - a unique yoga class using hammocks to aid yoga poses, some of which occur in the air.

Ananda - a yoga style that uses poses, breathing, affirmations, and 39 "Energization Exercises" to awaken and control chakra energy.

Anusara - a new (1997) form of yoga based on the "Tantric Philosophy of Intrinsic Goodness" that focuses on proper body alignment.

Ashtanga - a rapid yoga style that consists of six strenuous pose sequences.

Barre - yoga that combines yoga poses with use of a ballet barre to sculpt and lengthen muscles.

Bikram - a hot yoga style in which 26 postures are performed twice in a sauna-like room.

Integral yoga - combines six branches of yoga (hatha, raja, bhakti, karma, jnana, and japa) to form a complete lifestyle system to promote the practitioner's harmonious development.

Iyengar - a yoga style that uses props like blocks, incline boards, and straps to help practitioners achieve more perfect positions.

Kali ray triyoga - a yoga school formed by Kali Ray in 1986 that emphasizes postures, breathing, and focus.

Kids' yoga - yoga modified for children to help them cope with their unique stresses, and to improve strength and coordination.

Kripalu - a yoga style that allows the practitioner to discover how the body works in different poses in order to know, accept, and learn from the body.

Kundalini - a vigorous yoga style with continuously moving postures designed to release the body's energy from the base of the spine up through the seven chakras.

Massage - using the hands to rub and knead muscles to relieve stress or pain.

Meditation - spending time in silence for relaxation or mental clarity.

Pilates - a set of exercises, with or without props, designed by Joseph Pilates, to condition the body and strengthen the mind.

Postures - asanas or postures with names like child's pose, cobra, and sun salutation, are the basic moves in a yoga class.

Prenatal - yoga adapted to expectant mothers and for new mothers wanting to get back in shape.

Sivananda - a calm yoga practice that uses variations of 12 basic poses, based on the philosophy that proper breathing, relaxation, diet, exercise, and positive thinking work in combination to provide a healthy lifestyle.

Svaroopa - a therapeutic and supported yoga practice designed to open the core and decompress the spine.

Viniyoga - a yoga style that relies on warming and contracting muscles rather than stretching them, where practitioners adapt poses to their needs and abilities.

Vinyasa - an athletic yoga style that offers a cardiovascular workout.

Yin - a slow paced form of yoga that asks participants to hold poses for long periods of time and focuses on meditation.