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  • Balance | Fitness Ball

    Yoga is an inclusive activity. Every pose is designed to help you maximize your personal potential in every movement you make. As you move from pose to pose you are encouraged to let your focus shift from reality to your mat. Worldly stressors, interpersonal concerns and work issues are left behind as

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  • Foam Blocks

    In yoga, foam blocks are essentially brick-shaped blocks made of dense foam that is soft to the touch but firm enough to support the body's weight. Traditional blocks are shaped so that you can place a block flat for a slight elevation or on its side for a taller elevation from the level of the floor. Using

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  • Bolsters for Yoga

    Bolsters are an excellent yogic prop for both active and passive poses. Especially in restorative poses or when recovering from an injury, using bolters can help you focus on proper alignment and relaxation in the poses, rather than straining for position. What Is a Bolster? Bolsters are round, densely

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  • Belts

    Belts or straps are yoga props designed to help with the modification of intense yoga postures. Using a strap can help a practicing yogi focus on correct alignment in a position instead of straining, which can cause unbalance and injury. Unlike bolsters, which work best as props in passive poses, belts

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  • Yoga Props

    Props are not always used in a yoga class. Most of the time, experienced yogis rely on their own sense of balance and muscle memory to achieve the asanas assigned by the instructor throughout class. If you are new to yoga, or recovering from an injury, you may find the use of props helpful. Props can

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  • Wedges for Yoga

    Depending on the type of yoga classes you've attended, you may have been asked to incorporate a foam wedge into your exercise routine. These wedges serve a variety of purposes, from providing additional support and cushion to adding an extra level of challenge for advanced yoga students. The context

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  • Yoga Mats

    Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years on many different surfaces. You can practice on a hardwood floor, tile, stone, grass, your living room rug or even on the beach. But for beginners—and also those who have been doing yoga for years—a good yoga mat that fits your needs can become an essential

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  • Yoga Clothing

    Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that links breath with movement for important health benefits. Today, there are nearly as many different yoga athletic wear brands as there are styles of yoga. When selecting yoga clothing, it is important to choose clothing that is comfortable and fit for your

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