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Yoga Clothing

Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that links breath with movement for important health benefits. Today, there are nearly as many different yoga athletic wear brands as there are styles of yoga. When selecting yoga clothing, it is important to choose clothing that is comfortable and fit for your body. Comfort and fit are key so practitioners can focus on each pose and the overall practice, rather than constantly readjusting clothes.

Yoga clothing should be comfortable but not too loose or baggy. During class, an instructor may provide adjustments to better align your body and prevent injury. Baggy clothes make it more difficult for the instructor to check your alignment and help you safely deepen into each posture. If you will be practicing a more vigorous style of yoga, such as Bikram or vinyasa, choose quick-drying athletic clothing, including moisture-wicking briefs. Avoid wearing cotton t-shirts, which can become heavy with moisture when wet, and may interfere with practice.

In general, women will be more comfortable in fitted cropped or full-length athletic leggings than loose fitting athletic shorts. Even fitted athletic shorts tend to ride up during different poses, which can be very distracting; the last thing you want to worry about in downward facing dog is whether your rear is fully covered! You want to feel confident during every pose that you are fully covered whether you’re bending forward or sticking a leg up in the air. With fitted or cropped leggings, not only is your rear fully covered, but the moisture-wicking material will also absorb sweat. This will prevent your arms and legs from slipping during arm balancing poses like crow. Women should also avoid light-colored leggings, which can be more revealing than darker fabrics.

T-shirts and loose tank tops may end up falling over your head every time you move into downward facing dog or any other inversion. If you’d prefer to wear a tank top, choose a longer, fitted option that will stay in place and provide full coverage through every twist, backward bend and flip dog. Watch out for low-cut or unsupported tops that provide limited coverage. Some tops may seem okay when you’re walking or standing up, but fail to provide sufficient support during inversions or twists. When trying on different yoga clothes, try a few different poses in the dressing room to make sure the clothing provides full coverage and does not restrict your movement.