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Yoga itself is often thought of as meditation in motion -- your asanas will quiet your mind and encourage inner peace. Meditation can also be practiced without yoga. While learning to sit quietly with yourself in meditation can seem a surprisingly daunting task in the beginning, with some practice you can learn to achieve peace and tranquility of the mind and spirit. Once you are meditating, your mind and body enjoy a wide variety of benefits.

Focus: Meditation can quiet the many distractions that you experience throughout the day and allow you to enjoy greater focus even when the meditation session is over.

Reduced Anxiety: Meditation is also able to rewire the way your brain reacts to negative thoughts. By learning to quiet negative stressors and process negative emotions more positively, you can make it through stressors large and small with greater ease.

Improved Confidence: Meditation may even be able to increase your self-confidence. By bolstering positive emotions including acceptance and compassion, you may be able to feel better about yourself every day by starting out with a quick meditation.