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Pilates is a strengthening and toning workout that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's. In 1920 Joseph Pilates moved to New York City and began teaching Pilates and instructing teachers on his methods. Now Pilates is a widespread, popular form of exercise that strengthens, tones and tightens using your own body weight.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates aims at tightening and strengthening your core (mainly your back, abs and hips), primarily before working the extremities. Pilates increases your coordination, flexibility and muscle tone. It has been proved that Pilates also improves posture and increases your lung capacity. Pilates is an excellent workout for those looking to tighten, strengthen, lengthen and tone without building bulky muscles. It is also a perfect workout for those who are injured or are recovering from an injury.

What to Expect in Class:

Pilates takes on many forms, from Mat Pilates classes where you perform all exercises on a yoga mat with minimal props, to Pilates reformer classes where you use Pilates equipment in a one-on-one or small group setting. You can expect to be in class for about 60-90 minutes. Classes are challenging but not rigorous and will leave your muscles feeling fatigued and tightened but won't put pressure on your knees, back, etc. It is a gentle form of exercise, making it appropriate for a variety of age groups and skill sets.


Just like with any exercise or dance class, it is polite to arrive on time or early to set up your space and get settled. It is also suggested that you do a small warm-up before entering the space to ensure that your muscles are ready to work. It is best to keep your cell phone out of the room or silenced during class and usually there is no talking during a class. It is a best practice to let your instructor know if you are suffering from any injuries or abnormal pain in your body so that they can make necessary modifications for you. Most of all, just be respectful of yourself and the people around you.